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Status of the Project: Ongoing

Construction Started: Summer 2016

Construction Completion Date: May 2020

Cost: $97,400,000, funded through ACT 89

General Contractor: JBC Associates, Inc.

PROJECT UPDATE - September 2019

Construction activities continue to advance on U.S. 422 between the Route 363 (Trooper Road) and First Avenue interchanges for the $97.4 million transportation improvement project.

The Contractor has continued constructing the new abutment and piers for the east bound structure over the river.  Beams have been placed for the first three spans of the new east bound structure with the beam placement for the remaining spans scheduled for October 2019.


To complete the remaining spans, the staging area created within the river for construction (called the causeway) was shifted to the west bank of the river.  This allowed for the removal of the final span of the existing bridge.


The contractor has begun placing concrete for sections of the east bound bridge deck.  At the same time, progress is being made on the placement of concrete for the eastbound roadway sections. 


The contractor has also started the construction of the Upper Merion Trail (Schuylkill River West Trail) retaining wall which will facilitate trail traffic under the River Bridge.  The trail will remain closed until Upper Merion Township has completed their section of trail construction, located adjacent to the retaining wall now under construction.

The traffic on U.S. 422 will be staying in the current configuration until the Spring of 2020.


The improvements to U.S 422 in the area of Valley Forge

consist of four separate projects involving the replacement or

rehabilitation of five (5) bridges to improve multi-modal travel and

reduce congestion between the Route 363 (Trooper Road) and

Route 23 (Valley Forge Road) and First Avenue interchanges. 


The focal point of this program is the replacement and expansion of

five (5) U.S. 422 bridges and the widening of one mile of U.S. 422

between the Route 363 and Route 23 interchanges.  Additional project

elements are noted below.  Each day 92,000 vehicles travel on

U.S. 422’s four-lane structures in this area, along with pedestrians

and bicyclists who used the protected path alongside the highway’s eastbound lanes to cross the Schuylkill River. With the amount of crossings and important cultural attractions, office park areas and recreational amenities in the area, congestion in this section is a frequent occurrence.


Important additional project elements include:


  • Re-designed concrete pavement

  • Sound barrier wall

  • Two (2) retaining walls required due to the widening of the roadway

  • Drainage improvements

  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) connections allowing for the integrated use of technology for the assessment of vehicle movement, motorists alerts, queue detection, etc.


This section of the U.S. 422 improvements is known as the Schuylkill River Crossing Complex.  With an estimated construction cost of $100 million, construction bids were opened on November 5, 2015, and construction commenced in late 2016.  The project was accelerated by the passage of Act 89, which provided the critical funding.


 The following project elements have been completed:


  • Westbound structure of the Schuylkill River Bridge (SRB) has been completed.  Eastbound traffic has been routed onto the new bridge while removal and reconstruction the eastbound bridge takes place.

  • The U.S. 422 eastbound off-ramp at Route 23 (fly over) has been completed.

  • The rehabilitation of the Route 23 bridge is completed.