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Welcome to Capacity and safety improvements await the U.S.422 corridor community as PennDOT moves into the seventh year of the planned improvements for this important artery for our region within Montgomery and Chester Counties.  Multiple Schuylkill River crossings, rail crossings and the desire to implement improvements that complement our municipal partners and provide multimodal transportation options between our


beautiful natural and historic resources---make this a truly historic project for our region.


The vision to create a parkway or an expressway between Pottstown and Valley Forge was born in 1932 by the Regional Planning Federation of the Philadelphia Tri-State District which was the predecessor to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. The plan was to build a nearly 25-mile, four-lane controlled access parkway.


The U.S. 422 expressway project was broken up into seven sections with design beginning with the first section in 1960s and last section in 1970s. Construction began in 1964 with the final section opening in 1985.


During the 20-year construction period, U.S. 422 was built in the following sections from east to west:


  • U.S. 422 between U.S. 202 and Route 363 (LR 1046 Section 1)
    Design Completed: 1964  Roadway Opened: 1967

  • U.S. 422 between Route 363 and Chapel View Road (LR 1046 Section 2)
    Design Completed: 1974 Roadway Opened:  1977

  • U.S. 422 between Chapel View Road and Route 29 (LR 1046 Section 3)
    Design Completed: 1981  Roadway Opened:  1984

  • U.S. 422 between Route 29 and Royersford Road (LR 1046 Section 4)
    Design Completed: 1975  Roadway Opened:  1978

  • U.S. 422 between Royersford Road and Lewis Road (LR 1046 Section 5)
    Design Completed: 1974  Roadway Opened:  1978

  • U.S. 422 between Lewis Road and Evergreen Road (LR 1046 Section 6)
    Design Completed: 1982  Roadway Opened: 1985

  • U.S. 422 between Evergreen Road and Douglasville (LR 1041 Section 1 and LR 1041 Section 2)
    Design Completed: 1964  Roadway Opened:  1967

The total cost to build the seven (7) sections of U.S. 422 was $102 million.


As with all major infrastructure projects, the original design of the U.S.422 parkway was based on cost-benefit analyses for a given time period with estimates of growth as they then appeared.  With the assessment of the condition of bridges that is constantly undertaken by PennDOT, improvements to the roadway have been planned to coincide with the replacement of bridges that are coming to the end of their design life.

The proposed improvements to U.S. 422 extend from the southernmost terminus of US 422 with the US202/ I76 intersections approximately 24 miles to the Stowe interchange near the Berks County border.


The project is divided into 5 sections:

  • US422 at Trooper Road

  • US422 in Valley Forge (Schuylkill River Crossing Complex Project)

  • Sullivan’s Bridge in Valley Forge Historical Park

  • US422 in Pottstown, and

  • US422 in Stowe​

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