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Pottstown Area Improvements – Sections M1A and M2A

PennDOT is replacing three U.S. Route 422 bridges over the Schuylkill River in western Montgomery County under two projects with a construction value of $109.3 million.

Work began in late 2012 on a $73.3 million contract to replace the structurally deficient river crossing between the Armand Hammer Boulevard and Route 724 interchanges — along with two Route 422 bridges over Norfolk Southern Railroad and the Armand Hammer Bridge over Route 422 —  and reconstruct and improve 1.6 miles of Route 422 from the Schuylkill River Bridge east to the overpass at Porter Road (Section M1A). In November 2014, a second bridge replacement project got underway on Route 422 west of Route 100 (Section M2A). This four-year, $36 million effort will replace the twin spans with a single bridge.

Route 422 M1A, M2A

Construction Update: Spring 2015




Replacement of Westbound U.S. 422 Bridge West of Route 100 Underway; New Eastbound Span Near Armand Hammer Interchange Ready for More Deck Concrete


Crews have begun work to replace the westbound bridge carrying U.S. 422 over the Schuylkill River following a traffic shift that has reduced the expressway to two lanes through the work zone west of Route 100.


With one lane of eastbound and westbound traffic riding on the old eastbound bridge, work is now underway to demolish the old westbound structure’s parapets, deck, beams and piers in the first stage of work to build the new westbound half of the deteriorated span over the next 18 months.


The old bridges are being replaced under a $36 million project that will replace the twin spans, located between the Route 100 and Stowe exits of the U.S. 422 expressway with a single structure. The new, six-span bridge will connect North Coventry Township, Chester County, with West Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County.


The replacement bridge will be 95 feet wide and carry two, 12-foot travel lanes, a 10-foot outside shoulder and an eight-foot inside shoulder in each direction.



Bridge construction progressing between Route 724 and Armand Hammer Boulevard

East of Route 100, reinforcing steel is being placed on the deck of the western half of the new eastbound bridge over the Schuylkill River. Crews this spring will place the remainder of the riding surface of the first of two new replacement bridges between the Armand Hammer Boulevard and Route 724 interchanges.The concrete deck for the eastern half of the new eastbound bridge was placed last fall.


Once the remaining deck section is in place, crews will finish installing parapets for the new span in construction that will complete the new eastbound bridge by mid-2015.


When the eastbound bridge is finished, eastbound and westbound Route 422 traffic will be shifted onto the new structure. With the shift, the on-ramp to U.S. 422 east from Route 724 will close for about three years while the new westbound bridge is built. Also after the shift, the on-ramp from Armand Hammer Blvd./Yost Road will be closed for approximately 90 days for reconstruction


Once U.S. 422 traffic is riding on the new eastbbound bridge, the existing westbound bridge will be demolished and work will start on the new westbound bridge following a similar two-stage construction process that is expected to be completed in 2017. This sequencing allows PennDOT to maintain four lanes of travel (two lanes in each direction) throughout construction while also maintaining sufficient river flow for the duration of the project.




The new spans over the river are the largest of four bridges being replaced under PennDOT’s six-year, $73.4 million project to improve 1.6 miles of Route 422 between Porter Road in Lower Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County, and the Route 724 Interchange in North Coventry Township, Chester County.


The new Route 422 bridge over the Schuylkill River will include four travel lanes (two in each direction) along with extended merge lanes from the Route 724 and the Armand Hammer Boulevard ramps and a pedestrian/bicycle crossing that will become part of a future section of the Schuylkill River Trail.



The new eastbound on and off-ramps at the Armand Hammer Boulevard Interchange were opened earlier this year.


Roadway crews finished reconstructing the eastbound lanes of U.S. 422 from east of Armand Hammer Boulevard through to the Porter Road overpass in January. Eastbound and westbound U.S. 422 traffic was then shifted onto the reconstructed roadway east of Armand Hammer Boulevard, allowing the contractor to start rebuilding the westbound side of U.S. 422 as well as the next stages of two bridges over the Norfolk Southern Rail Road.


PennDOT will continue to maintain four lanes of traffic for peak hour commuters on Route 422 throughout the project east of Route 100. However, off-peak, overnight and weekend lane closures may be in place for certain construction activities.  When necessary to ensure the safety of all motorists using the roadway as well as those working on the project, brief, intermittent traffic stoppages may be utilized on Route 422 during operations such as bridge demolition and beam-setting.


These projects are the first two of six under PennDOT’s long range plan to rebuild and improve seven miles of Route 422 between the Berks County line and the Sanatoga exit over the next 8 to 10 years.


For more information, log on to http://www.422improvements.com/422-improvements/Pottstown-Area-Improvements.aspx.

Section M1A

Section M2A

Trooper Road Interchange Remedies

This $16.8 million interchange improvement is part of the U.S. 422 Schuylkill River Crossing Complex of projects that are designed to improve travel along Route 422. Interchange construction is scheduled to finish in fall 2015.

Under this project, PennDOT’s contractor will build an off-ramp from eastbound Route 422 to Route 363 (Trooper Road) and an on-ramp from Route 363 (Trooper Road) to westbound Route 422. The two additional ramps will complete the interchange, allow drivers to make moves in all directions when traveling between the state highways, and relieve congestion.

Crews also will realign the existing Route 363 (Trooper Road) on-ramp to Route 422 east; build a retaining wall and sound wall along the new eastbound Route 422 off-ramp; repair the existing Route 422 west off-ramp to Route 363 (Trooper Road); build a retaining wall along the new on-ramp to Route 422 west; widen Route 363 (Trooper Road) through the Audubon Road intersection; rehabilitate the Route 363 (Trooper Road) bridge over Route 422; widen Audubon Road to include an additional turn and merge lane from Route 363 (Trooper Road); build a sidewalk on Route 363 (Trooper Road); and install new traffic signals and curb ramps.

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